Commercial law in Slovenia

Commercial law is a body of law that regulates the conduct of persons, merchants, and businesses who are engaged in trade, sales, and commerce. Commercial contract law is one of the fastest-growing branches of contract law, as the practice requires a large number of different types of contracts that change either the subject of the contract, performance and guarantee duties or offer other modified rights and obligations of contractual partners.

In Slovenia, a monistic regulation applies, which means that, in principle, there is a uniform regulation of all contractual obligations (both for commercial non-commercial). The general part of the Code of Obligations thus also applies to commercial contracts. Nevertheless, there are some special features in the regulation of economic contracts, which we will present below. If you have any problems regarding commercial law, you can contact law office Prus Pipuš from Slovenia

Special regulations for commercial contracts in Slovenia:

  1. Special regulation of legal resources: The following shall be taken into account when concluding commercial contracts: business practices, customs and practices established between the parties.
  2. Length of the general limitation period: 3 years instead of 5 years.
  3. It may be agreed in commercial law that the presumption of solidarity does not apply (establishment of a shared obligation).
  4. Inspection of goods and services as a condition for enforcing warranty claims: the deadline for contract managers is “immediate” (in civil contracts it is 8 days).
  5. If the item does not correspond to the sample or model: In the case of commercial contracts, the seller is liable for a material defect (and in the case of non-commercial contracts for non-performance of obligations).
  6. Interest: Even if not specifically agreed, it is considered to be owed (explicit cancellation required).
  7. Payment period: may not be longer than 60 days (exceptionally up to 120 days, if agreed in writing and not to exploit a stronger legal position). In all these procedure you need a lawyer for commercial law from Slovenia

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